Day Trips From Boston By Train: Manchester-by-the-Sea

Beyond The Miles Travel Blog

As someone who lives in Boston and does not own a car, I’m always looking for great day trips that are accessible by train. One of my favorite day trips from Boston in the summer is Manchester-by-the-Sea.

Manchester-by-the-Sea is located approximately 30 miles north of the city of Boston on Cape Ann which also includes the nearby towns or Rockport, Gloucester and Essex. The town was incorporated in 1645 and was known as Manchester up until 1989 when it was renamed Manchester-by-the-Sea to avoid confusion with the largest city in neighboring NH which was also named Manchester. It served mainly as a fishing village for the first 200 years. After this time it became a summer home to many of the rich in Boston building summer cottages along the coastline.

Manchester-by-the-Sea may sound familiar to you and you are correct, it was the name of the hit movie from 2016…

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